What Periodontitis Treatment Entails

The maintenance of good oral health goes beyond only the care of teeth. The gums need to be attended to as well. The periodontitis cerritos treatment regime includes diagnostic and preventative work as well. The work is being carried out by experienced periodontists. They are able to minimize risks and side effects associated with periodontitis. Periodontitis occurs when too much calculus is allowed to build up under the gums’ lines.

If left unattended, the gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth. During a consultation both sides of the mouth will be checked. Methods of prevention and treatment procedures being used include regular brushing and flossing. Prescription mouthwash is recommended. Oral antibiotics will be recommended for advanced cases of periodontitis. So too enzyme suppressants. Apart from deep cleaning under the gum line, flap surgeries, or tissue or bone grafts may be prescribed per the periodontist’s diagnosis.

And then there is this. Smokers still need to learn how to quit smoking. The periodontist could help them with that. Regular smoking will continue to increase the risk of rotting gums amongst other diseases, some of which can be fatal. Any periodontal evaluation conducted needs to be as thorough as possible in order to meet the exact requirements of the patient. Signs of gum disease will include bleeding, sensitive, inflamed or swollen gums.

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Patients may experience pain whilst chewing. And then there is this. Bad breath, something regular smokers will be quite familiar with. In extreme cases of gum disease, an oral surgeon may be required to perform a procedure. But risks of periodontitis occurring are reduced further when the patient adheres to a regular exam schedule set up by his or her periodontist. Early signs of the disease can be reversed without having to resort to the extremes.